Craig S Wilson
Lucas Rocha Thriller Series

Book 1: Renegade Pawn

Renegade Pawn Final Cover SMALL

The favelas of Rio de Janeiro may be colorful on the outside, but between the shanty walls, the struggle for survival rages on. In this world of violence, corruption, and poverty, good people must do bad things for the greater good.

Lucas Rocha is an orphaned teen who picks pockets to provide for his younger sisters. When he steals a vacationing DEA agent’s wallet, the lives of these two strangers become permanently—and dangerously—entwined.

Facing down powerful drug lords, Lucas and Daniel Burke, are hell-bent on beating the odds and making things right. But to Lucas, what’s right in a world filled with wrong… especially for this pawn turned renegade?


Book 2 : Crossfire Fugitive

Crossfire Fugitive FINAL SMALL

Lucas Rocha owes Daniel Burke his life – not that it’s worth much. The military police are hunting him. Rio de Janeiro’s most feared drug lord wants him dead. Lucas is caught in the middle while desperately trying to save his younger sisters, one of whom is critically wounded.

Daniel, a DEA agent on leave after a Boston drug bust gone bad, is vacationing in Rio to learn about his birth family. But all he’s uncovered are the grim realities of life in the favelas.

Now it’s Lucas’s turn to rescue Daniel. But as a fugitive who’s caught in the crossfire, how can he possibly succeed?



Reader's Favorite

…what promises to be some rollicking good reading in the Rio Crime Thriller Series.

Kirkus Reviews

A commendable genre piece with grounded, convincing characters.


A lively, fast-paced story that looks intimately at the lives of the street people in Rio…

Craig S Wilson


Craig S Wilson is a serial creative who has written 300 songs, three musicals, and three books. He published Dating for Life in 2013, a book describing the four keys to maintaining successful relationships. He is also the author of Gig, a historical fiction that explores the wonderment of teenage romance during the exploding music scene of the 60’s.

He is now launching The Lucas Rocha Crime Thriller Series, a quadrilogy about the quest for survival in the favelas of glorious and gritty Rio de Janeiro.

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