A Sea of Ghoulish Humanity


He led Matheus and Lucas through a labyrinth of alleys, littered by chicken droppings and running sewage. Discarded plastic bags, bottles, Styrofoam cups, cigarette butts, and candy wrappers lined the gutters. Garbage bags stuffed full of rotting kitchen scraps sat bloated and leaking streams of brightly colored liquids into the mix. The still-air stench, accentuated by a sweltering sun, made it hard for Matheus to breathe. While Lucas waited for him to catch up, he examined the elaborate murals painted on the serpentine concrete passageways. They were like cave hieroglyphics, artwork depicting the life and strife of Rocinha: desperate men ogling a bikini-clad beauty, a mother weeping for her starving baby, a profane interpretation of Cristo Redentor towering over a sea of ghoulish humanity. 

–Rio Street Kid Stargazer, Book I of the RIO CRIME THRILLER SERIES


About the Book

RIO 3D cover croppedA gripping, gritty, action-packed crime thriller ripped from today’s headlines about the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Beyond the beautiful beaches and elegant hotels lurks the squalor and crushing poverty of Rio’s notorious favelas. It is a dangerous, exotic world governed by a different set of laws and shaped by contrasts — beauty, violence, power, poverty, protection, corruption, faith and drugs. Here, in the slums of Rio, thousands of poor people face horrific choices every day. It’s no exception when sixteen-year-old Rio street kid Lucas Rocha meets Daniel Burke, a Brazilian-American businessman visiting from Boston. When Lucas snatches Daniel’s wallet in an act of desperation, it sets in motion a series of catastrophic events, and the lives of these two strangers become permanently … and dangerously … entangled.

Facing down Rio’s powerful drug lords, both Lucas and Daniel are hell-bent to beat the odds and make things right. But what is right in a world filled with wrong? 






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David Berkowitz

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