New Crime Thriller Release – Rio Street Kid Stargazer

New Crime Thriller Release

Rio Street Kid Stargazer is now available!

About Rio Street Kid Stargazer…

This action-packed international crime thriller takes readers into the slums of Rio de Janeiro, where thousands of homeless children face horrific choices every day. It’s no exception when sixteen-year-old Rio street kid Lucas Rocha meets Daniel Burke, a Brazilian-American businessman visiting from Boston.

Recently orphaned, the idealistic Lucas struggles to put bread on the table for his younger sisters and keep them safe while he earns a living on Rio’s unforgiving streets. Should he beg, steal or sell drugs to survive? When Lucas snatches Daniel’s wallet in an act of desperation, it sets in motion a series of catastrophic events, and the lives of these two strangers become permanently … and dangerously … entangled. Facing down Rio’s powerful drug lords, both Lucas and Daniel are hell-bent to beat the odds and make things right. But what is right in a world filled with wrong?

What people are saying…


I thoroughly enjoyed Rio Kid Stargazer! It was sharp and very well written. The characters kept me riveted to the story as they were vividly described and quite real. The Favelas of Rio are not that well known in this country, but Craig Wilson has done an exceptional job of introducing anyone not familiar with the hardships of life for the majority of citizens of Rio. The book is for anyone who enjoys a good mystery along with the twists and turns of what we might think of as humanity. I look forward to the next installment!

By Diane K. Deacon

A lively, fast-paced story that looks intimately at the lives of the street people in Rio–the difficulties and challenges that must be met just to stay alive. I enjoyed the narrative, and the close look at the underbelly of this city that will soon be in the spotlight of the Olympic games. Puts things into a different perspective–comparing the competition of the sports games and the competition of the street gangs of Rio… A good read for anyone interested in a good story, and a must-read for those interested in background to the Olympic games!

By Maria Castro

I’ve read so many books, both fiction and nonfiction, and this book provided such a great story of conviction, love, perseverance, mischief and triumph. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend this book to anyone who love’s romance, adventure and excitement.




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