Romance and RIO…

romanceandrioThe term “Latin Lovers” exists for a reason.

People who live in dark, cold climates are typically prone to depression while those living in bright, sunny climates are logically happier. Rich or poor, denizens are treated to regal vistas of lush green mountains reaching up toward heaven out of an undulating ocean. Sultry ocean air loosens up your body. Pair this unique setting with samba and people will fall in love. Life is a contradiction of emotions and outcomes.

Rio de Janeiro is a curious mix of mind-boggling crime amidst a romantic, fun-loving samba society. In my book, “Rio – Reluctant Ascension into Infamy,” a street kid named “Lucas Rocha” steals the wallet of arriving tourist Daniel Burke, which changes the tourist’s life forever. Daniel was in search of his roots, whereas Lucas was in search of his next meal. But had it not been for Lucas, Daniel discovers much more than he bargained for and also meets the love of his life, Gabriela Serrano. As the Atlantic Ocean crashes into the shores of Rio, so do people’s lives crash together in this complicated, overpopulated world.

I encourage you to subscribe to my weekly newsletter about some compelling human-interest stories from Rio or possibly even your own home city.  “Rio – Reluctant Ascension into Infamy” is a Brazilian Oliver Twist meets The Godfather, when people’s lives crash together with irreversible consequences of love and tragedy. Stay tuned.

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