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Time to Stop the GREED!


When you think of Greed, think again!

When you think of Greed, think again!


Fed up with the current state of affairs of America?  It’s the government’s fault, no?  Blame it on corporate business, right?  Maybe there are those who spend too much money buying things they didn’t need–let’s pin it on them too!  Click on GREED! and enjoy my tune–it’s in development and my gift to all for the New Year!


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  • Wow! Craig, this is an awesome blog.
    Love the music, love the articles, love the old pictures, even the ones with Doug in them. Ha ha. Seriously, you really have a great ability for arranging. I truly love all the elements of your songs. Greed reminds me of Steeley Dan and I love the space and the filing of space in Hear Our Prayers. The openess of the bongos and the sprinkeling of sitar are fabulous! You have got that certain ZaZaZoo. Let’s record something together!! Feel free to put a link to my web-site on your blog. You know? http://www.KarenKiley.com Opps I guess i just did. pretty sneaky.

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