Trumpet intro–C, C#, D

(Dialog, outside the Catholic Church and Church School)

Boy 1                                      Hey, Waterbug.  Where ya been hiding, man?

Waterbug (proudly)                 Hiding, nothin’.  I’ve been around.

Boy 2                                      We ain’t seen ya around here.

Waterbug (defensively)            Well, that’s because I found me a nice place to stay

Luisa walks up to the boys, somewhat out of breath.

Luisa                                       My Lord, child.  Keeping up with you is a workout!

Boy 3 (whispers)                     Who’s the old lady.

Waterbug                                We’re sorta relatives.

Boy 1                                      Relatives?

Waterbug                                Yeah……she relates to me, and I kinda relate to her.  OK?

(WB makes a fist)       

Boy 2                                      Sure, Waterbug.  No problem.

Boy 3                                      So, ah, you still working the streets?

Waterbug                                I….been thinkin’ about going back to school.

Boy 1                                      It takes money to go to school.

Boy 2                                      It takes work too.  What are you, crazy?

Waterbug                                Man, I make plenty of money.  I’ve just been thinkin’

about refocusing my career.

Boy 3                                      Sure

Boys                                        So tell us what did you make today?

Waterbug                                I got enough cash to sock away now.

Boys                                        Can you afford a school?

Waterbug                                Can you go through your life as a fool?


(chorus woh-oh)                      There’s a chance that we can make it,

but not if we just fake it.

It’s time for us to grow up to succeed.


Boys                                        So tell us what did you make today?

Waterbug                                I got enough cash to pay my way now.

Boys                                        There’s nothing behind your brags.

Waterbug                                Yeah, well check out the contents in this bag.

(music freezes–Boy 1 and Boy 2 gape in amazement)








Luisa  (slowly breaks the ice, turning to Waterbug)

(chorus woh-oh)                      We were going to help the needy.

The Church would not be greedy….

Perhaps some of this could pay for all your schools?


Intro music and Dialog


Boy 1                                      I think she’s serious about this!

Boy 2                                      I don’t know what to believe.

Boy 3                                      I do know this…I could use a warm bath.

Boy 1                                      Maybe, but I can’t see you in some boarding school uniform.

WB                                          Boarding schools have beds, nice, comfortable beds….hot meals too.

WB                                          How about music, sports……desserts!

Boy 2                                      OK

Boy 3                                      You win.


Boys                                        So tell us what should we do today?

Luisa                                       Follow me now, the Priest is waiting.

Boys                                        What if we don’t make the grade?

Luisa                                       You are street-smart and can be self-made.

Boy 1                                      We’ve all  slept on their floors in rain storms.

Waterbug                                Now you could stay in their school dorms

The choice is yours but I’m walking through that door!


Intro Music

(Waterbug opens the church door and parades in, followed by Luisa; The two boys stay back for a while, each one eyeing the other, until they both lose their bluff and run into the church)


Boy 1                                      I ain’t goin’.

Boy 2                                      Me neither

Boy 3                                      You don’t see me goin’.

Boy 1                                      Hey, the door’s shuttin’.

Boy 2                                      Let’s go.

Boy 3                                      Hurry up!


Music ends with church bells chiming and faint pipe organ.

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