7 Rules that Qualify your group to be a Gig Band

1. Must have had at least three players, but instruments can be borrowed or made.
2. Must have practiced in a garage, or basement, or living room, or anything but a professional rehearsal hall.
3. Originals are fine, but must have covered at least one tune, from “Louie, Louie” to “Brick House”.
4. Must have designed a band logo. Whether you only used crayons or were sophisticated in computer art is not important.
5. Must have played at least ONE gig other than in the garage, even if this meant having Mom drive the band to a neighbor’s in her Oldsmobile. Variety show acts don’t qualify unless they led to future stardom in the neighborhood.
6. Must have worn your most worthy threads during a gig, ranging from leather to lace, from bell bottom jeans to glitter miniskirts, and even terminal polyester, depending upon the era.
7. Must have a following of at least ONE groupie, even if it’s really MOM, or your best friend’s little sister.

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