This is a street Carnivale, opening up the week of Carnivale.  John Hawthorne and Helena arrive, and watch the festivities.


Chorus                         Carnivale  (Carnivale)             Time for Celebrating

Carnivale  (Carnivale)             Let’s go masquerading

We can wear our costumes now and party till the morning hour

Bringin on Fat Tuesday now and sin our woes away!

Carnivale  (Carnivale)             Party ‘fore the masses

Carnivale  (Carnivale)             ‘til we cross ourselves with ashes

Rich or poor we all escape, and know by Easter we’ll be saved.

Nothin’ like Amazing Grace to get you off the hook!


Carnivale  (Carnivale)             Time for Celebrating

Carnivale  (Carnivale)             Let’s go masquerading!


(Dance sequence)

At the other end of the stage, Luisa and Waterbug arrive at the Carnivale. 


Waterbug                    Luisa, look at all the pretty girls.

Luisa                           Just like a man.

Waterbug                    I wish every day could be fun like this.

Luisa                           Enjoy it, Little Waterbug.  Tomorrow is All Saints Day, and so is school.


Waterbug                    Awww


Carnivale  (Carnivale)             Time for Celebrating

Carnivale  (Carnivale)             Let’s go masquerading.

Carnivale  (Carnivale)             Carnivale  (Carnivale)

Carnivale  (Carnivale)             Carnivale  (Carnivale)



Helena                         It’s a lovely night for a party.


John Hawthorne          It’s even a more lovely night for a walk along the beach.  Care to

join me?


Dance music continues, as John and Helena stroll on toward the Copacabana Beach

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