Every step you take…

International Crime Thriller quotes

“Every step you take moves you closer to heaven or hell.”

Have you ever done something wrong for the right reasons?

Lucas Rocha joins the deadliest gang in Rio de Janeiro to rescue his sisters from a destitute life on the streets. His cunning wins the support of Dez, a megalomaniac drug lord who is losing control over his favelas as the Brazilian paramilitary terrorizes the slums.

Life has never been easy in the favelas, especially since his older brother was shot and his mom died from AIDS. There are no easy choices when it comes to survival. When Lucas becomes the pawn in Dez’s violent and cutthroat world, his only chance of making a difference is to do bad things for the greater good.

Can his conscience remain intact as he sinks into the underworld of Rio?

Release date: September 7th, 2018.


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