Preorder Crime Thriller Journeyman Drug Lord!

Book III of the Lucas Rocha Thriller Series will be released on
November 7th, 2018.

Preorder now on Amazon Kindle!

The next installment in an exciting new international crime thriller series is available for preorder. Lucas Rocha’s treacherous journey through the underbelly of the world’s most sensuous city continues with Journeyman Drug Lord!

Lucas Rocha has become the right-hand to Rio de Janeiro’s most feared drug lord, Dez. But Dez is incarcerated, awaiting trial for multiple crimes. Money is no longer a problem for Lucas; staying alive is. Rival gangs want him dead.

The one person who can help him, undercover DEA agent Daniel Burke, has returned to Brazil to rejoin the woman he loves. Daniel owes Lucas his life, but now his cover hangs in the balance. Lucas, meanwhile, is determined to leave the life of a journeyman drug lord behind. But no one ever retires from a gang; death is the only way out. Now Lucas and Daniel must find a way to beat the odds.


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