Merriam Webster defines “Entitlement” as a government program providing benefits to members of a specified group, or the belief that one is deserving of certain privileges. The question: can you live life in crescendo when you are shackled by entitlements? The answer is a definite “maybe.” If the benefits are legitimate and justifiable, then perhaps the entitlement will allow an individual to pursue dreams. If a person was disabled by an accident and is awarded an insurance settlement to get back on track, then how that person lives their life is up to them—either living life in crescendo or not. But if the individual knows in his or her heart that they are receiving entitlements that are unjustified, then they are certainly NOT living life authentically. I contend that anyone who is not living life authentically can’t truly live life in crescendo.

Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford. Belief is a key ingredient to success. But those who accept entitlements can also be accepting the conditions that go with them. For example, those on welfare lose this benefit once they obtain a job. The net result is that some lose their incentives to pursue work. Giving government subsidies to certain industries can dis-incentivize them to change. It’s a slippery slope to do the right thing. Does giving every athlete a medal regardless of performance lower the overall standard of competition, or build self-esteem?

If a street person was given $10,000 one day, versus $20 per day for 500 days straight, would this person live life any differently? If a middle-class family earning $100,000 per year won a $10 million lottery, would they change their lives? Question: why should their dreams be any different? Certainly they are, but either individual, homeless or middle-class who is living life in crescendo would be pursuing dreams that wouldn’t change.

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