sweetestdayHere’s a gift for you to give to ANYONE you consider sweet—a FREE DATING FOR LIFE e-book. In an age when chivalry is tarnished and needs some polishing, it never hurts to brush up on how to treat anyone you associate with as if you were on a date. In case you forgot, the four keys to Dating for Life are:

  1. Pursue common interests
  2. Set no expectations
  3. Learn and grow
  4. Express gratitude

But how do they apply to everyday living?  FIND OUT.  Please go to AMAZON on SWEETEST DAY, Saturday October 19, and download your free e-book, DATING FOR LIFE. This free gift from me to you will run through Monday, October 21.  After you read my book, I guarantee you will have a healthier outlook on how to interface with your friends, business colleagues, family, and of course any romantic interest. Download my book, and please subscribe to my weekly newsletter by going to my site.  I promise to give you valuable tips and insights throughout the entire year. If friendship and romance make the world go around, then DATING FOR LIFE keeps it spinning. Best wishes, Craig S. Wilson Author

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