Gig Genetics Part III

Money isn’t the primary driver for a gig band. If it were then true veterans of the blues wouldn’t be picking their guitars every night in out-of-the-way bars—that’s for sure. They play because they love it. And so the current generation of gig artists such as Dave Wilson know the ropes because they’ve been raised in the culture. They also have the benefit of supportive parents AND hand-me-down gig equipment. And thanks to the Internet, Apple i-Tunes and Garageband, and cool new comparative sites like Pandora and Spotify (the Netflix for music), Dave and his buddies are connoisseurs of nearly a century of great music from swing to jazz to blues to rock and now hip-hop. (Whereas I’m still primarily stuck into the music I grew up listening to).

Rock on Gig Genetics, and Rock on Murley Shertz! I admire you guys.

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