Going Solo has its Drawbacks

There ain’t no “I” in Team. But there is an “I” in GIG.

Chris Martin was recently quoted as saying “I’d be terrible if I went solo.” I do understand what he’s saying. He feeds off the chemistry of the band, and the creative collaboration that comes from their jamming together. However, there are many successful solo acts (in fact, probably more) where one superstar superseded the band. Still, the star needs a team. Paul McCartney has his team. So does Lady Gaga. So does Tony Bennett. Yet other stars like Keith Richard need the Stones because the overall product from the band is great than Keith could ever do on his own. This is probably true of Don Henley, Sting and Becker/Fagin of Steely Dan. (All are great on their own too—just not as great.)

One thing for sure: in EVERY GIG, EVERYONE needs to be able to “solo”.

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