cautionTips on How to Avoid Becoming a Victim:

It is imperative to maintain the highest level of security awareness at all times and follow special security precautions while visiting us. These include:

  • While in public, refrain from wearing expensive jewelry or expensive looking watches, anything that contains gold, silver, precious stones, or diamonds. Gangs specifically target people who wear high end (Rolex, Cartier etc.) watches. Wearing any more jewelry than a simple gold wedding band will raise your profile. However, people have also been robbed of their gold wedding bands.
  • Verify with the front desk who is at your hotel room door before you open the door.
  • Never accept a ride from someone you have just casually met, even if they seem helpful and friendly.
  • Keep a minimal amount of cash with you, and limit the number of credit cards you carry.
  • Stay with a group of people as much as possible, and limit the times you venture out alone. Avoid isolated areas on the beach or in the rainforest. Always let someone know where you are going. Never swim in the ocean alone.
  • Avoid walking the streets at night – take a taxi to your desired location and return in a taxi. Public buses should be used with extreme caution at night.
  • Do not openly display any electronic device especially expensive cameras, video cameras, laptops, or iPads while in a public setting or walking on a public street. These are high theft items and will attract unwanted attention.
  • If you make purchases, return to the hotel and secure the items in your hotel room. Do not walk on the street with the items you just bought.
  • Stay near people/populated areas as much as possible. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, immediately seek safe haven in a building with people.
  • If confronted by an individual who has a weapon, stay calm and hand over your valuables. Do not resist. Death may result from resistance. Many muggers have weapons and may be under the influence of crack cocaine. They will not hesitate to harm you if you resist.

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