How do you live life in crescendo in a world where there are divergent beliefs? How do you stretch yourself when there are laws and social morays that put borders around what you can and can’t do? And how can you afford to pursue dreams when chances are, you have certain financial constraints?

Let me answer by asking, how much does it cost to dream? According to Joseph Simmons, AKA Rev. Run of Run—D.M.C. “It will cost you nothing to dream, and everything not to.” Still, how do you lift constraints when dreaming? We live in a world of borders. I’ve always liked an almost ancient book relative to today’s standards that was written by Michel Robert called “The Strategist CEO.” It’s a very qualitative process that asks corporations to determine 1) What’s your Driving Force and 2) What’s your Vision with all constraints removed. All businesses have a driving force, be it product, customers, distribution channel, charter, size, profit etc. For example, Scott Paper is driven to sell paper goods, whereas Johnson & Johnson is driven by users: mothers, babies and doctors. In determining a vision, members of the management team are asked to remove constraints of time, budget, capabilities and competition to determine their collective vision. Only after coming up with a novel business concept are they asked to refine their plan by shedding non-related businesses or investments, and reallocate resources based upon a realistic timeframe, normally several years. Until the plan is approved, what’s the cost of this dreaming? Staff time at most.

Now consider your own personal plan. What is your driving force? What would you want people to say about you in ten years or more? What would you be doing that would fulfill your soul and give you energy, rather than take it away? As you develop your dream, then consider a mid to long range strategy to get you there. What activities and expenses should you shed that detract from your goals? And consider that all of this valuable use of time is basically free. And consider what a tragedy it is if you never dream and craft a plan to turn your dream into a reality. I hope Rev. Run’s quote helps you begin the dream so you can live life in crescendo.

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