There are few options to finding a date:

  1. Fix-ups.  One time I was fixed up by my grandmother. I should have known better, because she thought that her polka dot shirt matched her striped pants because they had the same colors. Warning to guys:  girls have an entirely different meaning to their phrases “she’s sooo cute” and “what a great personality” than you do. Again, keep in mind that you got what you paid for—fix-ups are free. Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  2. Meet-ups. Networking through the office, clubs, or even church has potential, but keep in mind that any group environment also comes with group advice. If your meet-up happens to be a bar, keep in mind that the “good time” you had with your future date may have been largely due to alcohol.
  3. Match-ups. is clearly the leader with 34 million members and 84% usage, but there must be hundreds of other dating sites.  Check the facts—it’s well worth the read.

But there is still only one way for a guy to actually get a date:  ask her out! Here’s where chivalry begins, because love doesn’t come with instructions.  In my next blog, I will offer some insights on how to get your head on straight before you begin your first date. Seriously—like they say in golf, “You win or lose the best at the first tee.” If you not ready to date, you can’t expect romance to grow in crescendo.

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