A newborn baby arrives. Parents, family, friends and colleagues marvel at the wonder of it all. Here lies a beautiful creation of God who is innocent to the ways of the world. There are infinite possibilities for this baby.

Some folks reflect on their own lives for better or for worse. Other folks offer advice, but most simply enjoy. My grandchild Winnie Mae Wilson triggered all of these emotions and more on Monday, July 9. She has clearly mesmerized all who have encountered her, and certainly captured my heart. My friend, who is a grandparent, offered some sage advice. You love your children, but you fall in love with your grandchildren.  I certainly did with Winnie.

There are only three things that you can really do as a parent.

  1. Keep your kids alive
  2. Teach them values
  3. Point them in the right direction

There are even fewer things that you can do as a grandparent

  1. Support
  2. Love
  3. Have fun!

But I ponder the possibilities for Winnie Mae. Interestingly, no thoughts have run through my mind such as her becoming the first woman president of the USA, or a movie star etc. If she does achieve such acclaim, that’s nice but not important. What matters most to me is that she has a blessed childhood, nurtured by all the love and support that her family and friends can provide, and that she ultimately pursues her dreams and lives life in crescendo.


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  • drauchenberger
    8 years ago

    Congrats Craig.  I hope you are up to the task of doding grandpa.

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