Is Infinity an Even or an Odd Number?

There are infinite possibilities. As you pursue your life in crescendo, do you work alone?  Or do you reach out to friends and family? Would you like to reach out to the 800 million people in Facebook?  Or are you trying to impact the entire world of over 7 billion inhabitants?  I’ve always liked the child and the starfish story.  The child’s father observed him pick one among hundreds of starfish that washed ashore, and throw it back into the ocean.  He asked his child, “What difference did that make?” The child responded, “To that particular starfish, all the difference in the world.”

Still, the choices of pursuing a crescendo are nearly infinite. So here’s a suggestion. Think about the one thing you can do today that moves you closer to your goal. In the movie City Slicker this was Curly’s mantra—“One Thing!” And if you’re like me, you may not know exactly what “the one thing” is each day, but if you’re in touch with your feelings, at least you will definitely know what it isn’t.  Like Curly said, “Finding that one thing—now that’s for you to find out!”

Finally, is infinity an even or an odd number?  Of course, this is a trick question because infinity never ends, just like a crescendo. Perhaps the best answer is that infinity is an imaginary number, especially if you have a wonderful imagination.



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