The April 16, 2012 Time cover story is “Heaven Can’t Wait — Why rethinking the hereafter could make the world a better place.” In the article, John Blanchard, executive pastor of the 4,000-member Rock Church suggests that “Heaven isn’t just a place you go—heaven is how you live your life.” I concur. Also quoted is N.T. Wright, a leading authority on the New Testament, who suggests that “Eternal life is…the time when God would bring heaven and earth together, the time when God’s kingdom would come and his will would be done on earth as in heaven.”

Given the life-prolonging technologies that we are developing at an exponential pace, it’s conceivable that mankind could be living for hundreds of years, which represented an incomprehensible dozens of generations to biblical prophets. And if our race is destined to live ten times longer (or more) than generations only a few hundred years ago, it really behooves us to take care of mother earth—for we are indeed creating our own heaven (or hell) upon it. What better opportunity for mankind to live life in crescendo. If every day, our collective societies work for the betterment of the world in which we live, sharing in visions for peace, sustainability, and need-not-greed—our world will inch daily toward  heaven on earth.

Think about it—does it really make sense that anyone should live a life of consumption and sin, leave the world in worse shape than before, and then be rewarded by entering some sort of pearly gates of heaven? And where would this heaven be? Hopefully it would exist far from a polluted earth below. Some who have experienced near death experiences have related seeing beauty and feeling harmony from a heaven that they have seen. Like you, I’m a mere mortal and hold no crystal ball, although I am a very spiritual person. To me, heaven could already be right here among us, but in some parallel universe/energy that we can’t possibly understand.  If so, then there is more reason than ever for us as a society to work together toward making this world a better place. Working together is the summation of individual efforts and a overall group effort directed by unselfish leadership. What a perfect scenario for living a life in crescendo–when an entire society lives with an evolving eye toward an infinite future. Not a bad idea, is it?

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