There is very little need to go into a great deal of detail here. If living life in crescendo means celebrating life, embracing dreams, and pursuing goals, then it’s sadly obvious what living life in decrescendo means. I’m not suggesting that you should reduce the clutter in your life, and minimize non-essential things that detract you from your dreams and goals. To the contrary, time is your greatest enemy, and so efficiently pursuing the person you wish to become is highly important. But someone who lives life in decrescendo is likely to be finding fault in goals and therefore snuffing dreams. Sadly, the truth is, not having anything to live for is in its own sense a goal. In music, the decrescendo sign means for the artists to decrease music volume, either slowly or quickly, to the point where there is no more sound. Apply this symbol to living life and you can project the results…

Here’s the good news! Just like in Christianity, where it’s never to late to be forgiven, it is also never to late to start living life in crescendo. If you’re stumped on how to turn things around in your life, certainly consult with a professional counselor. But as “life is thy teacher,” I would also suggest you open the door and engage with someone, ultimately lending a hand. Turning someone else’s life around will likely turn yours around as well. After all, it takes the entire orchestra to crescendo the volume of symphonic music, not just an individual player. Turn your life into a symphony!

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