Let’s put a different twist on memory and learning. You may be familiar with the Edgar Dale Learning Cone. We may only remember 10% of what we READ and 20% of what we HEAR.

Therefore, you may only remember 10% of what you read in this blog. But more interestingly, how many times do you plan on reading this blog? I would guess once. Now let’s talk about the power of a song. How many times have you listened to your favorite song of all time—100 times? 1000 times? And, thanks to repetition and to the passion you have for the meaning of the lyrics, do you remember each and every word?  You know the answer.

Now let’s review living life in crescendo. When you are passionately pursuing your dreams, what is your retention about things that matter to you?  You are reading, hearing, seeing, AND living what you do, on a repetitive basis each and every day. I’d say that your retention and learning would approach 100%. It does for me.  Let me know what your passion is by writing me at Let’s compare notes!



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