At Tamanero’s hide-out, the Lieutenant reports back on the location of John Hawthorne.


Lieutenant                   Senhor Tamanero

Tamanero                    Yes, Marcello.

Lieutenant                   I have some good news for you.

Tamanero                    I like good news.

Lieutenant                   We have found the American.

Tamanero                    Excellent.   Where is he?

Lieutenant                   He stays at the Rio Park Hotel

Tamanero                    What about the boy?

Enforcer                      Oh, we’ll get Waterbug sooner or later.

Tamanero                    Just like you were to insure this kid wouldn’t screw

up the cocaine delivery?  Just like you were to make sure

that I got PAID for the goods?

Lieutenant                   I know an informant at the Rio Park Hotel.  We can find out

just about anything we want through this man.

Tamanero                    You can do better than that.  Find out today if

the American will be with his girlfriend and the boy  at the

hotel this evening.  There is a Carnivale party on the streets

near Copacabana tonight.

Lieutenant                   Yes?

Tamanero                    It’s not often that I can leave this place, because of  slime like Captain                                            Carvalho, but if I left under a disguise I should be able to go near the hotel.

Enforcer                      Why would you want to do that?

Tamanero                    To personally squish this little Waterbug and get my money back.

(He looks right into Enforcer’s eyes)

No one, absolutely no one messes with Tamanero and lives, understand?

Now be gone!

In B min


Tamanero                    Sin is a cancer that patiently spreads, till it has taken its prey

Maybe the meek shall inherit the earth, but not before I’ve had it my way.

Look all around, it’s a crazy world, a Mecca of misguided souls.

I have no preference to age or wealth, as long as I work the controls.


Yes it’s mine, all mine!

And my profits are soaring as the whole world’s in decline.

Yes it’s mine, all mine!

……..kinda like it……

evil laugh, he walks off, spot light dims


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