New International Crime Thriller Released on Brazil’s Independence Day

Brazil celebrates its independence from Portugal today. The people will parade in the streets, but beneath the revelry is sadness, tension, and discord.

Brazilians are just recovering from the shock after the Rio de Janeiro National Museum was consumed by a devastating fire. Millions of historical items were lost, including the oldest fossil of a human skull found in Brazil, as well as artifacts that pertain to Brazil’s independence.

Politics is also the source of unease. The Independent reports that “‘Brazil’s Donald Trump’ Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed at a campaign rally. He is leading the polls ahead of voting on 7 October and is recovering from grave injuries.

“Left-wing former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva had been long-standing favourite but was jailed for corruption in April and is banned from running for office.”

The Independent further states that this will be, “Brazil’s most unpredictable election since the country’s return to democracy three decades ago.”

According to News One, “Brazil is the tenth largest economy in the world and has the largest Black population in the world. White Brazilians control the country even though Black Brazilians are the majority. There is a massive racial wealth gap, as Atlanta Black Star reported that ’80 percent of Brazil’s wealthiest 1 percent are white.’ Nonetheless, Black Brazilians are continuing to rise up, demanding equality from media to politics.”

My book, Renegade Pawn, is set among these turbulent streets, where a homeless orphan must lead a double life with Rio’s corrupt police and the favelas’ most notorious drug lord. It’s being released today, September 7th, to commemorate the passionate hearts of the Brazilian people.


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International Crime Thriller Renegade Pawn

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