Rockin’ Furniture Guys!

No, I don’t mean “rockin’ chairs”. Tim Smithe (one of the Walter E. Smithe Furniture brothers) and his band, Who’s Your Daddy will be opening up for star Andy Kim in a Clearbrook event Saturday February 7.

Check out the Walter E. Smithe site

Tim enjoys his gigs, and definitely has a sense of humor:

My name: Tim, the middle brother
Childhood Ambition: Furniture.  Not really.  International Rock star
Fondest Memory: Laughing with good friends and making my kids laugh.  We play “make me laugh” at dinner
Soundtrack: My top 100 favorite songs ever is on iTunes listed as Tim Smithe’s top 100
Retreat: Anywhere warm with my family
Wildest Dream: Playing for the Cubs
Proudest Moment: I get teary-eyed any time one of my sons is on stage
Biggest Challenge: Balancing
Perfect Day: A morning run, lunch with my 4 sons, dinner out with my wife and kids
First Job: Bus boy in an ice cream parlor
Indulgence: Cars
Last Purchase: Oberweis milk
Favorite Movie: Its corny, but “It’s a Wonderful Life” is #1
Inspiration: Happy men over 90

For the event check out the Clearbrook event at:–&month=2&day=1&year=2009

Keep rockin’ Tim!

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