Rio: Where Lust and Crime Collide

romanceandrioThe term “Latin Lovers” exists for a reason.

People who live in dark, cold climates are typically prone to depression while those living in bright, sunny climates are logically happier. Rich or poor, denizens are treated to regal vistas of lush green mountains reaching up toward heaven out of an undulating ocean. Sultry ocean air loosens up your body. Pair this unique setting with samba and people will fall in love. Life is a contradiction of emotions and outcomes when facing life in the favelas.

Rio de Janeiro is a curious mix of mind-boggling crime amidst a romantic, fun-loving samba society. In my international crime thriller series, Lucas Rocha is an orphaned teen who picks pockets to provide for his younger sisters. When he steals a vacationing DEA agent’s wallet, the lives of these two strangers become permanently—and dangerously—entwined.

Sometimes people do bad things for the greater good. You can download the first 6 chapters pre-release! CLICK HERE.

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