Dialog between Daniel Ribeiro and Roberto Sanna.


DR                  Sanna–take these flowers up to Senior Hawthorne.   No wait, perhaps

I need to go with you to show you how to maximize our,  uh,  your tips.


RS                   WOW, this is great!  I need all the help I can get.


DR                  I couldn’t agree more.


RS                   Say, who was the florist on these flowers, they look kind of “home grown.”


DR                  You have a keen eye for detail, Sanna.  My wife picked them.


RS                   Your wife is a florist?


DR                  For what this hotel has to pay that damn florist, she is now!


RS                   What will Senior Hawthorne think?


DR                  That these are authentic and rare Brasilian flowers,  perfect for his

particular occasion, what ever that may be.


RS                   How will he know this?


DR                  Cause I will tell him, idiot.  Now do you know why I am accompanying                             you?


RS                   No, why?


DR(sighs)        Apparently to teach you more about our industry…….


DR(song)        Service with smile, Service with a smile keeps em comin’ back for more.

Service with a smile, goes the extra mile, really opens up the door.

Service with a smile, brings a lot of style that your customer respects.

So let me lead the way, ‘cause service with a smile can pay!


Daniel Ribeiro rings the door, John Hawthorne answers.


DR                  Ah, Senhor Hawthorne, you are indeed a fortunate man today……




Their conversation continues and fades, as Ribeiro and Sanno work for tips.  Concurrently, the spotlight focuses on the back streets of Rio, at the base of Santa Marta Hill.  Miguel and his son Waterbug are talking.



Miguel                         So, my little nephew, you are interested in getting into the big                                             leagues, are you?


WB                              Well, I sure can’t make any real money with this penny ante stuff.


Miguel                         Exactly what do you think a runt like you can do for Senior Tamanero?


WB                              I am quick, I know my way around,  and I can use my head.  I

should be the head of a gang!


Miguel                         Not so fast, boy.  We have a very sophisticated network here.

Quite a few MBA’s from the states, you know.


WB                              Actually, I am prepared to start at the bottom…I’ll be a runner!


Miguel                         This is what I had in mind.


WB                              Great!  When do I begin?


Miguel                         Wait again, boy.  First you will have to meet Tamanero.  He will ask                                   you many questions, and you need to give the right answers.


WB                              About the job?


Miguel                         About our industry…. Let me explain.


Miguel (sings)             When you make a run, leave behind your gun

Give em service with a smile.

Don’t treat em like they’re thugs, their buying all our drugs,

Give em service with a smile.

But if they grab the stuff, and fail to pay enough,

Tamanero comes their way.

And the service he provides,   some form of homicide….

Eh,    they’ll pay.





Miguel talks                You know, when I first started out in this business, there wasn’t so much competition, and a whole lot more job security…….


Miguel continues to talk, but sound fades.  The spotlight focuses on John Hawthorne leaving his balcony room, and walking down through the lobby.  The concierge and

lady maids continue to serenade.


Staff (sings)                Welcome to Rio, can we help in any way?

Welcome to Rio,  we are glad you came to stay.

Welcome to Rio, this is what we’re paid to say.

Welcome to Rio, today.




Luisa:                          I don’t see what you see in an American man


Helena:                        You don’t see why I should be with any one man.


Luisa:                          Why he should come at all I’ll never know why.


Helena:                        You’d better get dressed he will be here in the blink of an eye.


Final verse:                  Ribiero, Migel, Staff Luisa and Helena all sing simultaneously.


As Hawthorne walks out of the hotel with flowers in hand, all three parts resume in unison.  DR and RS now are in duet.  After the verse, all sing a reprise,


“Cause Service with a smile, service with a smile can pay…..Wooh!”


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