Members of the Tamanero gang hand off a white bag of cocaine to Waterbug and give him strict instructions on what he is to do.  They are rough and seedy in appearance.


In Bmin


Enforcer                      Waterbug, here’s your big chance, to be worthy to join our gang

Take this bag as a runner, if you blow it, you could hang.

There’s a man who’ll be holding a white bag

By the Copacabana Beach

He will signal by match at Eleven O’clock.

And then switch the bag within his reach.


In Cmin

Gang Member 1          Waterbug, here’s a warning.  Keep a look out for police.

There’s a new captain, named Busetto, and his pockets we can’t grease.

He won’t know you by name

WB                                                                              Not a problem

Gang Member 2          But he’s desperate for fame

WB                                                                              Not a problem

Gang Member 1          If he’s onto your game..

Gang Member 2          He will nail you so fast, the man is so filled with contempt.


In C#min

Enforcer                      Waterbug, I ain’t jokin.  Tamanero is a fiend.

And his money is so tainted, once you touch it your hands can’t be cleaned.

WB                              But I tell you I’ve got to be wealthy

Gang unison                Not a problem

WB                              And the system can get me no jobs

Gang unison                Not a problem

WB                              And the rich piss on me so a runner I’ll be, selling drugs to these decadent                                      slobs.


resolve to “What did you Make Today, Scene Ten in D7.

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