In a shadowy alley near the Copacabana strip, below the Pinnacle Restaurant building,

a gang enforcer is escorting Waterbug to the scene of his exchange.


In G min.

Enforcer                      You better be ready, there’s your contact walk-in’ round

There’s his signal, don’t let Tamanero down.

If you get lucky, in no time you’ll be like me!

(shows his arms)         I get discounts, all the drugs I use for free.


WB                              Am I over my head in this business?

(Eb,F, Gm)                  Is this truly my destiny?

Now I’ve gotten what my mouth has asked for,

but is this what I’m yearning to be?


In G# min.

Enforcer                      You better be ready, check for cops along the beach

Keep your silence, switch your bag within his reach.

If there is trouble, run away with the bag in hand.

If you’re captured, you never saw me, understand?


John and Helena walk out of the building on to the beach.


Helena                         John, I Had such a wonderful evening!

(E,F#,G#)                    And I feel this is only the start.

There’s a world all around me we missed in the past

The world that lies deep in my heart….

In A min (faster)         Waterbug starts to make the exchange.


John (sees WB)           Hey kid, up to your old tricks I see.

Watch him mister,

Enforcer (spoken)       It’s not your business

John                             ‘cause he also stole from me.

Sargeant                      What’s the problem?

WB                                                                  I don’t know this man at all!

Sargeant                      What are you hiding?

Policeman                                                        Well it looks like quite a haul.

Policeman                    This scumbag is all too familiar

(F,G,A)                       We’ve been waiting for this rendezvous.




Sargeant                      Well Captain Carvalho will love this, (exclaims “Indeed”)

You’ve got Tamanero’s nephew!

In Bb

Enforcer                      No way!  Drop your guns or prepare to die.

Sargeant                      Go to hell man!

Enforcer                      (yells) I’ll take you with me!

Policeman                    Then together we can fry!


Shooting commences as music continues.


Gb, Ab, Bb

WB                              Take me with you

John                                                                 Don’t know where I’m going

WB                              Take me with you!

Helena                                                 I’ll show you the way!

WB                              Take me with you!

Helena                                                 We’ll try to protect you

But you’ve got to be willing to change

Helena & John                        Gotta Change


As fighting continues, John and Helena and Waterbug start to slip away, in the shadows.

They hide in a back alley, as police keep shooting at the Enforcer.   Police 1 is shot and killed.  The nephew (exchange contact) is shot and wounded.  The Enforcer is shot while escaping.


In B min.          John, Helena, and Waterbug continue to run away. 


John                             We better split up!  I’ll need to explain things to the police.


Helena                         I’ll take the boy to my apartment, we’ll hide there.


John                             Watch him, he’s not to be trusted.


Helena                         John, he’s just a boy, and he is scared.  I am not afraid.

She gives him a quick, but meaningful parting kiss.

John is slightly stunned.

No, I am not afraid.

She and WB run off.


The music accelerates to Cm, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#,A Bb,C, C#, D,D# (hold)

Guitar slides from E to A to begin “Rio” song, Scene 12 continuation.


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