My Interview on the Crime Fiction Lounge with Paul Stretton-Stephens

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I was very honored to have a chat with fellow thriller author, Paul Stretton-Stephens, on his fantastic Crime Fiction Lounge podcast. We discuss travel, music, family, work life, and most importantly writing life.

Today, Paul chats with Craig Wilson. Craig is a writer and world traveler having visited over 67 countries. He is also the author of, The Lucas Rocha Thriller Series, which includes the titles, Renegade Pawn, Crossfire Fugitive, Journeyman Drug Lord, and more recently, Shadow Deliverer. He conceived of the idea for this series after his own tragic encounter with a street kid in a Rio favela.

Craig is also a serial creative having written more than 300 songs and three musicals.

So sit back and relax for this fascinating chat with Craig.


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Thanks for listening and thanks so much to Paul Stretton-Stephens for having me on The Crime Fiction Lounge!

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Renegade Pawn (Lucas Rocha Thriller Series Book 1) by Craig S Wilson

Renegade Pawn by Craig S Wilson


Lucas Rocha didn’t know he’d be a reluctant hero.

Lucas Rocha never meant to become a drug dealer. But when he picks the wallet of vacationing DEA Agent Daniel Burke, Lucas becomes a pawn in the battle between Rio’s drug cartel and lawmakers’ attempts to bring them to justice. The lives of these two strangers quickly become permanently—and dangerously—intertwined when Lucas is asked to infiltrate the cartel and navigate the deathly politics of its powerful drug lords. Hell-bent on beating the odds and escaping alive, Lucas not only survives but begins to rise in the cartel’s ranks. Life on the inside is dangerous, but there’s power, protection and money. The temptation is great for one who comes from so little.

Nor did he know that this nobody could be a somebody someday…

Renegade Pawn is part of the emerging Lucas Rocha Thriller series, which launches September 7th, the anniversary of Rio de Janeiro’s Independence Day. Someday Lucas Rocha will find independence as well, but not without a battle! A new book will launch every month through the end of 2018. If you love a page-turning action-adventure novel with mystery, humor, and a dash of romance, pick up Renegade Pawn today!

Get Your Copy of Renegade Pawn here:

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Crossfire Fugitive (Lucas Rochas Thriller Series Book 2) by Craig S Wilson

Crossfire Fugitive by Craig S Wilson

The military police are hunting him. Rio de Janeiro’s most feared drug lord wants him dead. Lucas is caught in the middle while desperately trying to save his younger sisters, one of whom is critically wounded. Daniel, a DEA agent on leave after a Boston drug bust gone bad, is vacationing in Rio to learn about his birth family. But all he’s uncovered are the grim realities of life in the favelas. Now it’s Lucas’s turn to rescue Daniel. But as a fugitive who’s caught in the crossfire, how can he possibly succeed?

Get Your Copy of Crossfire Fugitive here:

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Journeyman Drug Lord (Lucas Rocha Thriller Series Book 3) by Craig S Wilson

Journeyman Drug Lord by Craig S Wilson

Lucas Rocha has become the right-hand to Rio de Janeiro’s most feared drug lord, Dez. But Dez is incarcerated, awaiting trial for multiple crimes. Money is no longer a problem for Lucas; staying alive is. Rival gangs want him dead.

The one person who can help him, undercover DEA agent Daniel Burke, has returned to Brazil to rejoin the woman he loves. Daniel owes Lucas his life, but now his cover hangs in the balance. Lucas, meanwhile, is determined to leave the life of a journeyman drug lord behind. But no one ever retires from a gang; death is the only way out. Now Lucas and Daniel must find a way to beat the odds.

Get Your Copy of Journeyman Drug Lord here:

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Shadow Deliverer by Craig S Wilson

Shadow Deliverer by Criag S Wilson

Lucas Rocha has defied death many times in his rapid rise in Rio’s most powerful gang. But corrupt military police are brutally claiming favelas that have become valuable sites for the World Cup. Colombian cartels are battling for the same turf. Lucas and his sisters have nowhere to run.

DEA agent Daniel Burke’s undercover identity has been compromised. His enemies know his every move, and time is running out. Leaving Rio and the one he loves is the only way to keep her alive.

Lucas and Daniel are speeding out of control on a road to redemption or ruination, and the biggest drug lord in Rio, Dez, could be their only key to survival.

Order Your Copy of Shadow Deliverer today: 

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