Crime Thriller Book Review: CROSSFIRE FUGITIVE

book review crime thriller

This review was posted on Amazon by Gabi Rosetti.

***** 5 stars

… “face your fears rather than run from them. It will keep you alive.” …

Daniel Burke has saved Lucas Rocha’s life — and the lives of his two sisters — but they are still being hunted… Antonio Cruz Mendez, aka Dez, offers a reward and a bounty… He is sure no one in the favelas will talk to BOPE (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais)… Daniel is in Rio de Janeiro to learn about his birth family (his parents died in the flood at Petrópolis), but something unexpected occurs… Will an invitation to a futbol game be enough to save Daniel’s life? I cannot say more without spoilers and I want to avoid that…

This series continues to stand out. It is real, gritty look at the poverty and prosperity in Rio… I was riveted from the beginning… I “feel” this story, it has many layers… Fast paced and action packed… This is a page-turner that you cannot put down once you start reading… I have never read a series like this… The explosive ending will blow your mind…



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