Same Old Sign.Let me guess.  Every morning you get up and for the first 30 minutes, you routine is pure Pavlov’s Dog.  In terms of getting ready for your day, it’s more efficient to prepare for the day in the same way.  Why reinvent the wheel, as they say.

Now you’re entering your daily activities, most likely work or parental responsibilities, which is surely also a form a work.  Your commute to work takes the same route, unless the traffic reports on the radio suggest otherwise. You grab a coffee and/or breakfast en route, and finally settle into your day, perhaps at a desk, retail store, construction etc.  If you are at a desk, there are important e-mails to read, phone calls to make, meetings to attend.  Breaks are normally mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon.  Then, finally, you’re done! You can leave work and go back home to…run errands, eat dinner, watch television etc.

If your life is anything close to this kind of routine, imagine how easy it can be to treat your relationships in routine ways. I don’t have to tell you that routines create ruts.  Chivalry actually doesn’t die, it slowly lapses into a coma. But if love makes the world go around, Dating for Life keeps it spinning. The four keys to “dating” anyone for any aspect of life (romance, friendship, business colleague, neighbor) will break the routines that lead to relationship ruts.

Now that Valentine’s Day is over for 2014, don’t think that you’re off the hook for chivalry until next year. One day of resurrecting any relationship doesn’t repair 364 days of taking it for granted.

In my next few blogs, I will give you several simple ideas that will break the monotony and open the door to spontaneity in friendship, love and romance.  Stay tuned.

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