highroadFirst of all, let me clarify what “the high road” isn’t.

  1. Stoners will tell you the expression means “get stoned.”  Not what I mean.
  2. Nor am I referring to the British soap opera from 1980 – 2003.
  3. It certainly doesn’t mean a treacherous mountain pass in the Himalayas

When you “take the high road” it means doing the right thing even if is not popular or easy. However, many people believe that for one person to “take the high road” infers that the other person isn’t.  Sometimes this is true, that one individual is treated unfairly by another.  In this case, taking the high road means don’t stoop to someone’s tactics and be drawn into the muck. You can control how you respond to any situation. Things happen but time marches on. Remaining calm and civil will prevent any argument from escalating. Never, ever, say anything or do anything that you would regret at a later date.

But too many times, a person has to feel that he or she is the victim, and that they are taking the high road by burning at the stake.  True victims have all the rights to be justified in their anguish, but negative energies only take away from the possibilities for positive energy. Consider heroes like Gandhi or Mandela who could have easily thrown in the towel. Bad karma merely manifests. Taking the high road leaves the poison below.

Let me also suggest to you that just because one person takes the high road, it doesn’t automatically place the other person in the gutter. Two people can simultaneously become polar opposites in how they feel, yet neither is necessarily wrong. Just look at politics. If such disagreements can’t be resolved, each person should take the high road, although it is not always going to be on the same pathway.

Even when the chemistry of a love affair or long-term friendship has soured, it’s better to drift apart rather than to blow apart. Feelings can sometimes change inalterably during a long-term relationship. Taking the high helps prevent the ruination of that relationship.  Hopefully, if love makes the world go around, Dating for Life will always keep it spinning. But even if a marriage must end, when two people both take the high road, they can preserve a friendship.  The Golden Rule is golden with good reason.

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