What if you were given a diagnosis of six-months to live?  You would live your remaining days in perfect health, but then your life would end. What would you do? This is a favorite topic of many a minister. The sermon usually ends that you have no guarantees of how much productive time you have here on earth.  Should you throw caution to the wind and quit your job, or move to where you dream about living, or just start clicking off every item on your bucket list today?  Not likely.

But this thought-provoking question should get you thinking about a flexible action plan to pursue your dreams, even if it starts with baby steps. Analyze your risks, estimate how much time you should allow to reach certain goals, and calculate what the cost parameters could be. Be liberal in your estimates of cost and time overruns, but be conservative in finally pulling the trigger. But when these baby steps have convinced you to move chase your dream, don’t hold back. Time is now your enemy, not your friend. Take a GIANT LEAP in grabbing for that golden ring and live your life in crescendo.

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