If you had NO reason to get up in the morning, would you simply lay in bed? And if you simply had to get up but didn’t want to, would you drag yourself into the shower, brew an extra cup of coffee, and trudge off to work? Now try to remember the last time you literally sprang from bed because you were excited about something…anything! It could have been this morning or three decades ago. Chances are you awoke before the alarm clock even had a chance to buzz.

What was that reason? Was it romance? Was it an exciting career opportunity? Was it something fun? There are clues to everything you do in life. Recall what was that motivated you and reflect upon why. Then give some thought to related activities that may give you similar feelings. There’s nothing wrong with being hooked on endorphins, if they are the result of doing something that rouses a passion within you. Take a few more baby steps toward these activities.

One of my favorite ministers once told me that “Every step you take is one toward good or evil.” He was right. It’s likely that an armed robber started down a path of crime by stealing candy from a drug store. The same sad logic applies toward serial killers. But a similar logic also applies toward doing good things and living life in crescendo. A person who becomes fully actualized started with baby steps and until eventually their passion led them into a full gallop toward crescendo. What are your baby steps going to be?

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