“Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void but out of chaos.” ― Mary Shelley

“I accept chaos. I’m not sure whether it accepts me.” ― Bob Dylan

The reality is that progress stems from chaos. There are countless studies that show that a diversity of ideas leads to a convergence of creativity.  Interestingly, Peter Diamandis, the co-author of Abundance, founded the X-Prize Foundation, an organization that gives prize money to teams that solve the world’s problems.  Interestingly, most winning ideas come from outside the industry to which the problem exists.

But a chaotic world can lead to stress, but most of the time this stress stems from worries over uncertainties. For example, a person waiting for a serious medical diagnosis has greater stress than in dealing with the unknown than the verdict. Knowledge is power. Therefore, perhaps the best solution to dealing with an increasingly complex world of exponentially growing technology is to understand it, embrace it, and utilize it to your benefit. Some simple suggestions:


  1. Get smart with Google Alerts:  This is a free service that will send you updates per your schedule on any subject. As changes occur, you can be alerted.
  2. Get informed with Google search:  There is nothing easier than to quickly learn about a subject simply by dialing in.


  1. Get a smart phone and use it.  Need directions? It’s there.  Need to buy tickets? It’s there.  There are free or low cost apps for anything you need to simplify tasks in your world. Ironically, as complex as the i-Phone is in technology, it is one of the most user-friendly devices available on the planet.
  2. Tune in with Spotify or i-Tunes:  You can set-up your world to your own personal tastes in music and tune-in to tune-out. In a noisy city, a large percent of people wear ear-phones and live in their own customized world.
  3. Pre-plan your day and prioritize:  Don’t let father time run you. If you create a “hit list” at the end of your day, your next morning becomes much more efficient, even if you didn’t grab that second cup of coffee.


  1. If being informed and being efficient still doesn’t keep the stress levels down, remember to keep in shape with workouts and possibly yoga.
  2. Get away and disconnect. My family retreats to a cabin in the north woods every year.  The cabin is 17 miles from town and good cell coverage. Internet—what’s that? We are lucky that our cabin has hot water and toilets. Guess what? You immediately realize that life goes on without instantaneous news updates and social media noise.

Sometimes it’s good to unplug to rejuvenate your energy for a world in crescendo. What’s your solution?

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