Accordion/ Guitar intro – Amin, Bmin, Emin, Dm9, C

In C

Helena                         Mama–did you get to know each other?

Luisa (winking)           Would you like to see your Brother?  (Waterbug sleeping on the couch)

Of course I’m just kidding, but This baby sitting’s OK

Helena                         Mama–these changes have been exciting

Luisa                           To say the least dear…

Helena                         And my heart tells me this is the right thing.

Luisa                           It seems very clear.

Luisa                           But Are we in trouble, is this just a bubble to burst?

Luisa                           Do you truly believe in this man?

Helena                         Yes, Mama.

Luisa                           Do you think he will soon take your hand?

Helena                         Yes, Mama.

Cause this is much more than a Dream….

Luisa                           Helena–there is one more consideration

All this money could be our salvation.

But it doesn’t belong here, and I have a fear it should go…

Helena                         Mama–you have spent your whole life without it

Luisa                           It wasn’t so bad.

Helena                         and I know how you feel about it.

Luisa                           It’s not ours to have.

Perhaps we are safest to give it to Tamanero?

Helena                         NO!     We should give it to those most in need

Luisa                           Do you know where?

Helena                         To a place that is safe from all greed.

Luisa                           Who is that fair?

Helena                         I’m not sure if I know the way……        (Waterbug wanders in)

Waterbug                    I know, there’s a Priest who gives food to the poor.

And I know his intentions are pure.

Cause his Church is a shelter for me and my friends all the time…

Luisa                           Young man–this is brilliant to give it to God!

Helena                         This is one place there won’t be a fraud.

Luisa   (ritard) We should go right away…(she begins to leave with WB and the money bag.)

Helena                         I think I will stay…  dialog) Please Mama, he means everything to me.

Luisa                           Go with him.

Helena (Dialog)          Mama, I’ll see you later.  John is picking me up soon for the                                                 Carnivale!

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