In Eb

Duet in Helena’s and Mama’s kitchen.


Helena                         Mama – when did you know you’d found true romance

–did you know right away at the first glance

I was trembling inside, I felt unqualified for this man.


Mama (Luisa)  Helena — it was so long ago I’ve forgotten.

but somehow through it all you’re begotten.

I was very naive, that I wouldn’t conceive from that man

(in G)

Helena                         Mama–He is not like the boys I have dated

Luisa                           I’ve heard that before.

Helena                         And my heart tells me that we are fated.

Luisa                           I’m locking the door.

Helena                         I know you’re superstitious, but I’m not suspicious at all….


Luisa                           Am I giving advice to a stubborn mule?

Wasting my words on this precious jewel?

After all I’m just your Mama–

(in Eb)

Helena                         Mama–He’s so dreamy I fall in a trance.

Aren’t you willing to give it a chance?

I am old enough now, you should trust me some how with this                                                                    man.


Luisa                           Helena–I’m the voice of experience.

You’re a lamb with no common sense.

His one inspiration is much fornication–this man!

(in G)

Helena                         Mama–he is not like my long lost father.

Luisa                           They all are the same.

Helena                         And my mind tells me that he has honor.

Luisa                           He’s playing a game.

Helena                         and I made it quite clear, that he first must come here to meet you…






Luisa (surprised)         And he actually agreed to drop by

Helena                         Yes, Mama.

Luisa                           He might be a fairly nice guy

Helena                         Yes, Mama

Luisa                           I worry because I’m your Mama


(in Eb)

Helena                         Mama — We’ve been through thick and thin–you’ve been there.

Luisa (duet)                 When it’s all said and done I do care.

So forever and ever we’ll be close together…….


The phone rings…

Luisa answers

and smiles                   It’s your man!


music resolves into Eb root.


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