Two boys and Waterbug have stopped running in a lower ghetto alley, below the Dona

Marta Hill, hide out for the drug gang of Tamanero.  All locals refer to the hill as “Santa Marta”.

Key of Ab.


Boy 1                          I thought you said that you were oh so smooth?

WB                              It’s very seldom that I’m ever fooled.

Boy 2                          Well as a thief, you will never, ever last.

WB                              At least admit that I can run real fast.


WB                              Anyway I’m biding time till I get what I deserve,

when Senior Tamanero comes and asks me if I’ll serve.

Boys                            THE Senior Tamanero?    Drug King of De Janeiro?


Boy 3                          At the top of Santa Marta hill?

WB                              He is ruler with an iron will!

Boy 1                          I thought he died many years ago?

WB                              This just shows how little that you know.


WB                              My uncle  Miguel lives near Tamanero’s hideaway,

And I could get the job ‘cause his best runner went away.


Boy 2                          But the cops are really cracking down.

WB                              They’d need a torch to burn this whole damn town

Boy 3                          Once they join runners never have escaped

WB                              Ah–but the benefits are great.


WB and Boy 3                        Tamanero is my hero his riches I desire.

And one way or another he is destined to retire.

Boys 1&2                    Senior Tamanero?  Now tell us how it is you know?


(modulate to Dsus4)

WB                              I tell you all it’s my destiny.

I have a dream–I’ll be royalty.

(modulate to Eb sus4)

Boys                            What did you make today?  Tell us what did you make today?


(modulate to Esus4)

WB                              Listen!  Oh listen now! Listen to what I have to say.


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