At Helena’s apartment, Waterbug and Luisa are debating on the what to do with the

the money. Waterbug initially sees the money as the solution to all problems.  Luisa tries to change his opinion.  Luisa is growing fond of Waterbug, who is starting to like Luisa as well.


Accordion/ Guitar/ Flute in E min.

Intro to song


Waterbug                    Look at this mound of plenty, all I’d ever need.

Luisa                           Look at the pain it causes, all because of greed.

Waterbug                    It’s easy for you to say this, at least you have got a home

Luisa                           It took a life of sacrifice, more than you could know.

Opportunity is laid out right before your eyes

I’m speaking from experience, I wish you’d realize.

Waterbug                    I never had a family, never had the chance

Luisa                           My daughter is the one good thing, from a failed romance.


(Grabbing the money) So here’s another good thing, this can buy your dreams

Luisa                           I must admit its tempting but it’s not what it seems

For someone else has profited from others tragedies

And if you long for happiness, it’s not the remedy


Waterbug                    Well who are you to tell me, you don’t have to care.

Luisa                           A mother knows a child in need, it’s her job to be there.

Waterbug                    All my life I’ve scavenged, been pushed around and shoved

Luisa                           All you’ve really needed was to know that you were loved

Waterbug                    What about my future, what am I supposed to do?

(He runs out the door and collapses to the street and starts to cry–ritard)

Luisa                           put your head right on my shoulder

And know that someone cares for you…

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