One More Thing! Let’s all get on the Same Page with Religion…

On a trip to Israel, I visited the ancient, holy city of Jerusalem.  In Hebrew, the loose translation for Jerusalem is “The City of Peace”.  This is an interesting name for a town and region known for terrorist acts through the years.  Jerusalem is the epicenter for three of the great monotheistic religions–Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. As you walk through the ancient city, you can visit the Mosque of Omar, which is built over the same spot where Abraham would have sacrificed Isaac, where the Arc of the Covenant was stored for years, and where Mohammad ascended to heaven.  All religions serve the same God.  Yet all religions have been arguing over the correct interpretation of the Torah, New Testament, and Koran for centuries.  My song sends a message to all that it’s better that we all accept the fact that we serve the same God and move on!

Click below, listen, and ponder!

Hear Our Prayers!

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