Pandora is the Panacea for Unknown Musicians!

Tim Westergren may be the unsung hero for emerging musicians. Here’s why. Pandora allows individual listeners to create their own “stations”, and it helps them understand what songs they may also be interested in hearing.  All for free to the listener. The price? Like today’s radio stations, the listener will be subjected to advertising. So what? Aren’t we subjected to the Clear Channel, CBS and other pre-programmed formats and ALSO fed their national advertising promotions?  The difference is that the big boys have their promotional arrangements–major contracts with labels that are on the hook for multi-million dollar contracts to promote the brands they have. That’s not going to help you, the lowly independent writer, now is it?

Yet, Pandora could conceivably recommend your song to the individual listener, and through social media–YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, FaceBook, FlickR and even LinkedIn, your songs could be discovered and streamed to millions.  Pandora isn’t global yet, but I’m sure that Tim Westergren is working on it.  As it is, Pandora already has 54 million users and will ultimately be the next version of Radio, where each station is your own! Check it out, Gig Heroes!

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