Reality TV is UnReal

Let’s see. It started years ago with Biographies of stars. Now it’s everywhere, even in the Gig Story world.  How about Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels?  Or Twisted Sister’s Growing Up Twister, another A&E Show coming up in July. Certainly there is some level of fame to both bands.  But imagine, if you will, Eric Clapton or Paul McCartney having a show like this?  PLEASE! The reality is that stars can milk their persona to give it more mileage, while the fans and/or TV veggies can have more drool to watch.  Will this trend ever catch fire with the unsung heros of Gigs?  Possibly.  Here’s why.  What about The Bachelorette?  The Bachelor?  World’s Greatest Loser.  All of a sudden it’s hip to be a dip.  Therefore, maybe someday there will be a reality TV show on Vinnie Vabinowicz, not-so-famous sax player in the not-so-famous Vinnie Band.  Perhaps his mother would tune-in, but probably not.  The REALITY is that everyone has their own lives, and everyone puts their pants on the same way.  And in the world of Gig Stories, its what happens on stage that counts.

Gene Simmon's Family Jewels

Kiss Goodbye your Gig Hero Status

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