The hotel workers are buzzing with rumors about the shots heard outside the hotel last night. 

In Eb

Porter                          I heard there was a bit more than partying out on the beach last night.

Maid                            Yes, and a bit more of a mess to clean up as well.

Concierge                    It seems the police finally busted one of Tamanero’s deals.

Roberto Sanna                        Really?  Right out in front of our hotel?

Porter                          Should be good for business, don’t you think? The Rio Park–

home of the best deals in town.

Roberto Sanna                        Well, what happened anyway?

Concierge                    Some tourist got in the middle of a drug deal.  Police came on the scene

and bullets were flying.  I heard Tamanero’s nephew was shot.

Porter                          By the gang or by the police.

Concierge                    Does it matter?

Roberto Sanna                        Wow!

Maid                            Honey, this kind of thing happens all the time.  When there’s money involved there is bound to be a battle over it.

Porter                          Are you talking about drug deals or trying to get a raise from our

illustrious boss Senior Ribiero?

Maid                            Does it matter?

Daniel Ribeiro begins to walk into the lobby.  The staff clams up, but Roberto Sanna is oblivious to his boss entering the room.

Roberto Sanna                        That is really funny.  When you think about it there is probably a great

deal in common between Tamanero and Senior Ribiero!

Daniel Ribeiro             Such as?

Roberto Sanna                        (Flustered ) Uh….Rich and powerful?

Daniel Ribeiro             Certainly not rich, anyway.  No,


Daniel Ribeiro(sings)  It’s a game to land–money in your hand

Give em service with a smile.

I don’t even care–if you think it’s fair

Give ‘em service with a smile

Cause what you make in tips, is ours in partnership

Your installment’s due today

and so you thankless slob, if you want your job

….you’ll pay.


Daniel Ribeiro laughs proudly and continues to lecture Sanna, unaware that John Hawthorne

has walked down from his room into the lobby.

Daniel Ribeiro             Some day you’ll learn that the world is one big pyramid of class and

money.  And each level below lives to serve the level above.

This will never change. I am afraid you are destined to be

on the ground floor for a long, long time.  Whereas I’m destined to conquer new horizons……..


John Hawthorne          Good morning Senior Ribeiro.


DR (in horror)             Ah,    Well…….come……….

(Staff starts singing)

Staff                            Welcome to Rio, can we help in any way?

Welcome to Rio, we are glad you came to stay.

Welcome to Rio, this is what we’re paid to say

Welcome to Rio, today.


DR                              I was just saying what a lovely morning it is after such an

unfortunate night.


John Hawthorne          Unfortunate?


DR                              Why yes.  There was rare incident of drug trafficking just outside our

hotel on the strip.  Didn’t you hear the noise?


John Hawthorne          …..No, but I thank you for the flowers.  Tell your wife next time not

to wrap them in magazines with your address on them.  As a matter

of fact, it might be a good idea for her to cut them at the base, rather

than pull them straight out of the ground.


DR(embarrassed)       Uh….splendid idea, Senior Hawthorne.  Nothing but the best service, sir.

DR (sings)                   Service with a smile, Service with a smile keeps em comin’ back for more.

Service with a smile, goes the extra mile, really opens up the door.

(Duet)                          Service with a smile, brings a lot of style that your customer respects.

So let me lead the way, ‘cause service with a smile can pay!


John Hawthorne:         Senior Ribeiro…let me just tell you.

(singing)                      I appreciate    someone who is straight

then it’s service with a smile.

Not so debonair, but who really cares,

then it’s service with a smile.

But if all they do is yap, then they are full of crap,

do you gather what I say.



I’ll tip those who mean well, and you can go to hell!

Good Day!

All four parts are sung in unison.  John Hawthorne sings to DR.  DR sings to RS.

Roberto  sings the original “Service” part, and the staff sings “Welcome to Rio”.




Repeat last two lines, as John Hawthorne pauses and sings:


John Hawthorne                      I’ll tip those who mean well, but you can go to Hell…..

Good Day!


John Hawthorne asks RS to walk him outside to show him Copacabana Beach.


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