“Suck It Up”






Roberto Sanna                                    Roberto Sanna reporting for duty.


Concierge                                Ah, good!  We need some new blood.  With Carnival

this week, you are going to be seeing a lot of action!


RS (excited)                            Oh boy–the front lines.


Concierge                                First you are scheduled to meet with Daniel Ribeiro,

Executive Assistant Manager of the Rio Park Hotel.

No doubt he will give you his famous pep talk.


RS                                           Ai Carumba.  How do I look?


Concierge                                Ah…..Bursting with enthusiasm……but why don’t you

introduce yourself to him.    Senior Sanna, may

I present to you Sub Garenta Executivo, Daniel Ribiero.

(Phonetics—Su-bi je-ren-che  eze-koo-tivo)


RS                                           GGGood Morning.


Daniel Ribiero                         My goodness.


(singing)                                  You are indeed a fortunate lad to be joining this great hotel.

Needless to say the location’s not bad, but our strength

is our personel.

And today I will give you a lesson, it is the secret to

our success.

‘Cause our business serves the customer…a point that I must stress.  (pause and stated reverently to church bells)

You’ve got to,


Suck it up – no matter what they say

Suck it up – you must do.

Suck it up – Each and every day.

Suck it up – through and through.




And no matter how much you hate it.

It’s up to you to tolerate it.

Suck it up’s my advice to you

‘cause suck it up means revenue.


RS                                           What if a guest complains?

DR                                          Deal with his pains.

Porter                                      Trashes the room?

DR                                          Pick up a broom

Maid                                        an obnoxious kid?

DR                                          Just don’t blow your lid,

‘cause you would surely cost yourself a tip if you did, NO


DR (with barbershop              Suck it up – no matter what they say

background)                Suck it up – you must do.

Suck it up – Each and every day

Suck it up – to me and you.


And it’s really not complicated

Let the jerks feel appreciated

Suck it up is the thing to do ‘cause

Suck it up means revenue.


RS                                           What if the guest’s a slob.

DR                                          Part of your job.

Porter                                      What if he thinks that he’s King?

DR                                          Kneel and kiss his ring.

Maid                                        What if he’s rude and he strips?

DR                                          Tell him, “nice hips!”

As long as he keeps reachin’ in his pocket for tips, oh


Chorus                                     Suck it up – no matter what he says.

(Barbershop quartet)               Suck it up – till we’re blue.

Suck it up – ‘cause he shares in our pay.

Suck it up we must do.


DR                                          And you may be exasperated

Chorus                                     But it’s the way we’re compensated

DR                                          So you better get dedicated

Chorus                                     Only one way to translate it…….(pause  to trombone)





DR                                          Suck it up – I’m ordering you


(looks at RS gut)                     ……Really……suck it up!

Chorus                                     ‘cause suck it up means revenue!  (hold)


Music background keeps playing as John Hawthorne walks into the lobby, with a porter

wheeling his bags in behind him.


DR                                          Welcome to the Rio Park Hotel, Senior.

John Hawthorne                      Why thank-you.

DR                                          If there anything that I can do to make your stay

as pleasurable as possible, please let me know.

John Hawthone                       Well, for now I would just like my luggage taken to the

room.  Oh, I would like to know where I could buy

some flowers for a very special lady.

DR                                          No problem sir.  (rings counter bell)

Senior Sanna, please take these bags to room 819 right


RS                                           Yes sir!

(He reaches for the bags and they are very heavy for him.  He proceeds to inhale deeply,

“sucking it up”  to lift the extreme weight.  Hawthorne and Ribiero continue talking, (fade out).


DR                                          Suck it up, I’m ordering you…


Chorus barbershop style         Suck it up

Suck it up

(bell tone)   Suck it up, Suck it up, Suck it up, Suck it up.

all inhale (timed with

RS picking up bag)                 Suck it up!



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